Craft Draft

1605 Red

5.0% ABV

Irish-style Red Ale brewed with British malts & hops. Perfectly balanced and smooth with subtle notes of caramel and a creamy, full body.

Kelley’s Red River IRA

7.5% ABV

Brewed with five different types of hops, our Indian Red Ale is malty yet full of citrus & flora hop aroma and flavors. A unique blend, perfect for a new IPA drinker.

Lil Ben’s Milk Stout

5.0% ABV 18 IBU

Brewed with pure milk sugar and a host of speciality malts, this triumphant ale will keep you wanting more. Roasted coffee and smooth chocolate notes dominate this creamy sweet stout.

Little Mac IPA

6.5% ABV IBU 65

A classic,crisp American style IPA brewed with fresh grapefruit and five hop varieties from the Pacific NW and 10% malted rye. Very hop forward.

Reluctance DIPA

10% ABV IBU 100

Hand crafted and brewed in small batches using a variety of FIVE uniquely selected hops, and a complex blend of malts.

Cupid's Truffle

6.0% ABV IBU 18

Pull back your bow and fall in love with this seductive blend of raspberry puree and organic cocoa nibs from Belize. Creamy chocolate raspberry stout, sure to make you swoon.

Fuggit! IPA

6.2%ABV IBU 65

This English style IPA is an ode to Antietam Brewery's first home
Benny's pub. Enjoy the refreshing floral notes and bready malt flavors of this copper hued IPA.

Bases Loaded

6.0% ABV IBU 42

A well balanced copper ale. Low IBUs' with a hearty yet smooth finish. Specially brewed for the Hagerstown Suns. Definitely a home run.

Hager-Weiss Hefeweizen

5.3% ABV IBU 18

Brewed with 100% German ingredients, this refreshing wheat ale is unfiltered and unfettered. Subtle clove and banana flavors make this a complex beer of character.